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Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get asked about Roof Maxx. Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Yes it does! Our revolutionary all-natural bio-oil coating soaks into old, brittle shingles to increase flexibility and provide like-new water protection. One application of Roof Maxx is guaranteed to add 5 years to the lifespan of an asphalt roof. You can even opt to have Roof Maxx reapplied every 5 years for up to 15 years of protection.

The total cost of Roof Maxx, just like a roof replacement, varies depending on the size and features of your roof. If your roof needs repairs before Roof Maxx can be applied, such as missing shingle replacement or caulking around flashing, this will affect your total cost as well.

On average, our customers save 80% or more over what a total roof replacement would cost. Plus, a Roof Maxx treatment can be done in the fraction of the time that a replacement takes, without all of the noise and mess.

Much like regular treatments help extend the life of a deck or driveway, Roof Max helps to extend the life of your roof. Our revolutionary new technology soaks into old, brittle shingles with millions of micro-beads of all-natural bio-oil. This increases the shingles’ flexibility and their ability to protect your home from water damage. One application is guaranteed to add 5 years to the lifespan of an asphalt roof, and repeat applications can be done every 5 years to add up to 15 years of additional protection.

Roof Maxx is only appropriate once the top granule coating of an asphalt roof begins to shed off. For northern climates, we typically see this begin to happen 8-10 years after installation.

If you’re interested in having your roof treated, our expert team can inspect your roof to let you know if it’s time for Roof Maxx, or if it’s better to wait a few years before applying.

While Roof Maxx helps provide a high-level of protection against water damage, it cannot prevent all types of leaks. Leak-prone areas like chimneys, skylights, etc can still end up with leaks after a Roof Maxx application. Regular roof inspections and repairs offer the best total protection against leaks in these areas.

Roof Maxx is a USDA BioPreferred product, and is safe for people, pets, property, and the environment.

While our treatment is readily soaked up and retained within asphalt shingles, it easily rinses from any other surface with just a little water. It absorbs within 30 minutes, so any rain after that period won’t affect the effectiveness of your application. You also don’t have to worry about issues common to roof replacements, like stray nails or garbage around your home that can pose a safety risk to your family or pets.

Absolutely! An old roof on a home can cause delays in closing and a lower purchase price. Roof Maxx has been used by hundreds of home sellers looking to sell their home quickly and for a fair market price. Our warranty is fully transferable, so your buyer can be assured that the treatment is backed by our 5 year guarantee.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and that includes asphalt roofs. Roof Maxx has been proven to add an average of 15 years of lifespan to an asphalt roof through thorough testing and research at The Ohio State University.

Our product adds 5 years of protection per application to an intact asphalt roof, which means the roof has no structural issues or missing shingles when the treatment is applied. Additional applications can be done to increase this protection to up to 15 years.

Smaller homes with roofs that are clean and in good repair can take as little as half an hour to treat. The process can take up to several hours if there are repairs that need to be done, and for medium to large homes. Typical repairs we see needed include removing debris such as leaves or sticks, sealing exposed nails, or securing loose flashing. All of these repairs need to be done before the treatment can be applied to ensure the product works as it should.

Our team inspects every roof before application so we can identify any necessary repairs, and give you an estimated time that your application will take.

An asphalt roof is ready for a Roof Maxx treatment when the shingles start to lose their granule coating and are drying out and less flexible. This usually happens when the roof is 8 to 10 years old. Don’t lose hope if your roof is older than that! We often treat roofs that are 15 to 20 years old, and, in some cases, may even be able to help extend the life of roofs that are up to 30 years old.

A Roof Maxx treatment may darken your shingles slightly, making them look more like the color they were when they were new. This darkening will last a few months, before slowly lightening again over time. This darkening and lightening does not mean your treatment isn’t working; it is still doing its job regardless of the color of your shingles.

Roof Maxx’s primary ingredient is a plant-based, food-grade, and non-toxic oil. We’re able to use this oil to help replace the oil that shingles come out of the factory with. Our treatment quickly penetrates shingles to increase their flexibility, durability, and waterproofing. A single treatment works almost immediately, soaking in within 30 minutes to help shed water and slow down granule loss.

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Paul Herchenbach Client

"I'd recommend Roof Maxx to anyone interested in preserving their shingles and getting the full life out of them."

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"I'm just really thrilled about the whole process. I'll be sharing that information with everybody I know."

Tony Satterfield Client

"I was really impressed with the safety equipment and the extra time he spent on the roof. I've just never seen a company work like that. I really haven't."

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